Every adult deserves enjoyable and romantic sex but many are the times it turns out to be uncoordinated, painful and uncomfortable. Before the act, chances are that you start with foreplay for two reasons; first, to get psychologically prepared and secondly, to get ready physically. Naturally, men get ready easily but on the other hand, women take longer or they might not stay physically wet especially during long-lasting sex. When a woman is not wet, the sexual experience becomes painful and unbearable and if you’d want to take it to a higher level; you need to introduce sex lubricant in your bedroom matters. Especially if you are going to meet one of the beautiful Charlotte Escorts, you need to be prepared.

General pros of lubricants

· They decrease the chances of condom breakage
· Provide extra wetness especially when going solo and helps an individual explore sexuality
· They make it easier for women to have an orgasm
· Partners can use lubricants to explore each other’s bodies through massage on various parts such as nipples, backs, shoulders, and earlobes
· Make it easy for women to take their blowjob experience to a higher level
· Reduce friction and facilitate vaginal and anal penetration
· Protect your sensitive tissues and increase comfort


· Some lubricants are loaded with harmful chemicals and can irritate your sensitive skin
· They interfere with oral sex
· Some lubricants may lead to infection in women easily
· Most of them stain your beautiful sheet

Types of sex lubricants and their pros and cons

Every adult would want to have an amazing sexual experience but the problem comes in when women don’t get wet easily. According to experts, females may experience moderate to severe dryness in their vaginas and when you fail to lubricate it, it leads to pain and discomfort during penetration. Vaginal dryness can occur when women are breastfeeding, undergoing chemotherapy, or treatment of certain issues like breast cancer. However, you don’t have to limit yourself from the world of sexual pleasure as you can use sex lubricants to make your vagina, vulva or anal area wetter and here are the most common types of lubricants.

  1. Oil-based lubricants

· They are long-lasting
· They double the fun as a sensual massage oil

· They are difficult to clean up and tend to stain your sheets
· They are not compatible with the condom as they degrade latex and polyisoprene

  1. Silicone-based lubricants

· They are long-lasting
· They are compatible with condom
· They’re absorbed by your skin hence the best option to spice up your sex life
· Silicone is hypoallergenic hence you won’t experience a reaction

· They are not compatible with silicone sex toys
· Washing off silicone with water and soap is difficult and can hinder natural vaginal immunity after they slough off

  1. Water-based silicone

· They are safe with latex and toys
· They don’t have taste and usually feel like natural lubrication
· They do not interfere with oral sex
· They are compatible with condom

· Not long-lasting
· They’re available in concentrated petrochemical lubes such as Propylene glycol that may create toxic vaginal conditions

  1. Hybrid lubricants (water-based with added silicone)

· They are compatible with condom and sex toys
· They are slick and long-lasting

· They are new in the industry hence only little is known about them

Pros and Cons of Lubricants

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